1. guess what guys

  2. A portrait for amazonchique of her and her wife.

    Seriously, guys, STOP having such adorable wives. I can’t handle it.

  3. The two main characters from author Laura Harris' newest book series, Firesouls!

  4. The main character from mx-yamazaki's comic, It’s a Beautiful Z Day.

  5. Cortisone injections are no joke.

  6. Ada Lovelace for northwall!

  8. A lovely garden fairy for my friend Shannon!

  9. Batwoman for allanahvokes!


  10. Hey, friends! I’m still alive!

    Sorry for my radio silence recently. I haven’t been able to share a lot of what I’ve been working on since most of it has been super-top-secret in some capacity or other. I will be sharing more of that later in the year.

    In other news, the wedding is in TWO MONTHS and I’m teetering on the precipice of full-on freakout mode. Things are coming together, but there’s still so much to do. Add to that the stress of unsupportive friends and family members, and I’ve basically turned into a walking stress powder keg.

    On a happier note, I want to thank everyone who’s commissioned me over these past few months! I wouldn’t be able to pull this wedding off without your help. I’m still working on the most recent round of commissions, and I’m almost caught up! I’ll be sharing some of my favorites here to tide you over until I can post some real stuff.

    Until then, thanks for sticking around! I can’t wait to share our wedding photos with you all!